Facile punsch

Established in 1993 by Henrik Facile, Facile is an innovative Swedish company that specializes in building premium spirits brands for the global drinks market by developing, producing, marketing and selling it’s own brands. The company has about 450 shareholders.

Contact us

Facile & Co AB

Frihamnen 4
SE-417 55 Gothenburg, Sweden

Phone number;
+46-31 779 07 18

Managing Director;
Hans-Eric Waborg


Distributors wanted

We seek distributors in all countries excluding;

  • gin Imagin – Spain
  • Facile XO liqueur – United Kingdom/Northern Ireland and Spain

Facile punsch

in 1993 Sweden received the first new punsch for 76 years – Facile XO. Served 11 times (year 2000, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019) at the Nobel Awards gala dinner at the City hall in Stockholm, Sweden and continuing to build on it’s reputation as the finest in it’s category. Carefully selected Batavia arracks and rums from Jamaica stored in oak barrels to achieve maximum complexity before blending. 

Swedish punsch history

When the East Indian Company’s first ship ”Fredricius Rex Suecia” returned to Gothenburg Sweden from her maiden voyage in 1733, she had something in her cargo from Batavia, Indonesia, that was to radically change Swedish drinking customs – arrack.

Punsch – based on arrack – became much appreciated throughout the Swedish society and the Swedes took punsch to their heart as a symbol of celebration, joy and tradition.

Originally punsch was drunk warm. Later on, it was consumed well chilled. Today punsch is a much valued after-dinner drink. Punsch and arrack are also most suitable drink ingredients.

Colour; Golden amber

Nose; Complex, intensive with notes of apricot, coffee and chocolate

Taste; An explosion of flavours, well balanced with a warm full aftertaste.

Alcohol; 26 %

Size; 700 ml

ima gin

We found gin to be a bit more of a battle than first expected. The difficulty is creating great complexity and length while maintaining that hit-the-spot ginny feeling. Simple alcoholic juniper is not what might be described as greatness. Keeping the highly cherished gin-kick, as well as delivering complexity needed all our efforts and extensive taste testing.

In 2011 Imagin was further developed in line with international demand. The result is a modern and opulent gin showing steeliness, structure, finesse and elegance.

As for the flavour, it’s a bit longer than expected.

Imagin… was the first blue gin.

Colour; Turquoise sky

Nose; Juniper in the leading role supported by a cast of twelve further botanicals none of them there by chance. Delivery is highly complex with great herb/spice/citrus balance.

Taste; Juniper in the attack followed by an organized chaos of finely tune botanicals. An amazingly long aftertaste with fading juniper and the secondary botanicals ”sparkling away”.

Alcohol; 40 %

Size; 700 ml