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The spirits business Facile XO....(punsch) Seriously vodka Ima gin...

Seriously vodka

The spirits business Facile XO....(punsch) Seriously vodka Ima gin...

The Vodka Masters 2012

Seriously vodka received two awards at the high profile trade competition

The Vodka Masters 2012, organized by UK magazine The Spirits Business;

Category smooth              Master award, the jury´s finest award

Category Scandinavia       Gold award, second best award

Our group of champion wine tasters created a vodka unlike any other. One that was smooth and free of any harsh aftertaste. Through their efforts, we were able to craft vodka with a clean, glacial taste even when served warm and neat.

-     We saw a challenge in creating a vodka where the unwanted bite of alcohol was removed, without eliminating the alcohol itself. We mapped in our minds all the scents and tastes available, and the result is Seriously

-     It has almost nothing of that mean bite and oily taste associated with most vodkas; it is created to closely resemble mineral water.

-     It can be enjoyed straight or mixed, improving drinks by eliminating the harsh alcohol taste that until now often has been the unwanted companion to vodka.

Seriouslyit´s as pure as it gets.


Each batch of Seriously vodka is handblended by champion wine tasters.

Colour;     Glacier

Nose;        Very fresh. Newly melted snow with a hint of mineral.

Taste;       Soft, rouned spring water, balanced with mineral. Refreshing


Alcohol;    40 %

Size;         700 ml

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