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The spirits business Facile XO....(punsch) Seriously vodka Ima gin...

Ima gin...

The spirits business Facile XO....(punsch) Seriously vodka Ima gin...

We found gin to be a bit more of a battle than first expected. The difficulty is creating great complexity and length while maintaining that hit-the-spot ginny feeling. Simple alcoholic juniper is not what might be described as greatness. Keeping the highly cherished gin-kick, as well as delivering complexity needed all our efforts and extensive taste testing.


In 2011 Imagin was further developed in line with international demand. The result is a modern and opulent gin showing steeliness, structure, finesse and elegance.

As for the flavour, it's a bit longer than expected.


Imaginwas the first blue gin.


Colour;     Turquoise sky

Nose;        Juniper in the leading role supported by a cast of twelve further    

                 botanicals none of them there by chance. Delivery is highly complex

                 with great herb/spice/citrus balance.

Taste;       Juniper in the attack followed by an organized chaos of finely tune

                 botanicals. An amazingly long aftertaste with fading juniper and

                 the secondary botanicals "sparkling away".

Alcohol;    40 %

Size;         700 ml

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